Inventory of homes available for sale continue to remain an issue with few homes available for sale driving prices upward.   Orlando has been ranked as the one of the best cities in the US for Real estate investments.   A thriving economy and strong job market is accelerating the demand for Real Estate.   Supply of homes available for sale continue to drop at record levels.  New construction by builders is also not catching up due to land cost and material cost has gone up as well which is reflected in the increase of prices.

Average cost of homeInventory levels still are record low

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Inventory real estate central Florida

Following deals are currently available.

  1.  New Home within 20 min to Disney.   6 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, 2634 sq ft.  324,000 Dollars.  Pictures
  2.   Short Term rental property.  Booking history available.   5 min To Disney.  3 Bedrooms. 2 baths. $165,000  Pictures
  3.   Short term rental property.  Brand new vacation home with pool.   465,000 Dollars.  15 min to Disney.   Pictures
  4.   Short term rental Townhouse.  Solid booking history.  10 min Disney.  4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths.  1645 sq ft.  Pictures
  5.  Single family home in Reunion Resort.   Pictures and info