Market Update April 2015

Hello Everyone,
Market in Central Florida continues to  shows strong signs of improvement.  Its an interesting market as there are products to purchase in all end of spectrums.  From cheap foreclosures still available for sale,  resale homes and brand new luxury homes being sold by builders.    New homes for first time home Buyers are also doing well and are selling at a high price per sq ft.  Its a good time to sell if you own a property in Central Florida..:)

The market will most likely continue to improve as there is a strong demand of homes and the Florida economy is doing very well.   I do not see a big jump in prices but it will continue to show a steady sign of improvement which is a sign of a healthy market.

Orlando has also been ranked 8th in the nation for best cities to invest in Real Estate.    We work with several investors from all over the world and feel free to contact us if you are looking for an income producing property.   Canadians are currently the number 1 Buyers in Florida..:)   In the following link, you can find the most recent market data:  Stats

We have also listed the following property.  Perfect for a family looking for a singe family longterm residence.

Thank you