Market Update August 2015

June 2015 posted a record of 3435 transactions/homes sold.   The average days on market of a home for sale also dropped to 67 days.   3067 new purchase contracts also recorded in month of June.

The market continues to show strong confidence with price increases throughout all cities in Florida.    The city of Orlando is also experiencing an unsurpassed growth with 60 millions visitors which marks a new all-time record for the U.S. travel industry.   It is a significant achievement for Orlando and the U.S. travel industry that generates $2.1 trillion for the U.S. economy each year.   Orlando is currently the number 1 destination in the United States.

The popularity of Orlando is drawing investors from all over the world investing in Real Estate and the local population is also purchasing new homes with attractive mortgage rates. The number of Bank owned homes available for sale dropped to 113 homes in Orlando which is an outstanding record number.  (3/2 +, 1200 sq ft+ and built after 1980).

Below is prediction from National Association of Realtors.     We are currently representing Buyers from Canada, Asia and locally.    If  you have any questions or inquiries,  Please feel free to contact us.    We also have access to auction properties at attractive prices.

 We also just listed the following home for sale at 207K and sold it above asking price since we had multiple offers.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.25.57 AM